Days in Wayag

You have probably never heard of Wayag. But you have definitely seen pictures of this amazing Indonesian archipelago.

Heidi’s son, Michael, flew to Sorong to join us for Heidi’s birthday, Christmas and New Year. Despite his three flights becoming four and despite being given a hand written boarding card, he arrived exactly as planned. To help with the jet lag we took him to immigration (twice), the bank, the supermarket and a restaurant before returning to Artemis. 

We spent a few days sailing near Sorong and then set off north to the magical realm of Raja Ampat. The plan was a gentle day sail but, this is sailing so we ended up tacking through the night hard against the wind avoiding islands, islets and reefs. Welcome to our world Michael! Luckily he took everything in his stride and even managed a good night’s sleep.

At first light we anchored off the Island of Arborak and took the dinghy to the reef to introduce Michael to coral and the millions of fish. The clever guy had bought an underwater camera with him so that we could record the amazing reef scenery. We also walked around the island which took ten minutes and met three Germans who had booked a three week stay and, after one night, were wondering what they were going to do for for the next twenty days.

Another two days and one night of sailing and the sun rose to show us Wayag. As we entered, folowing the deep clear channel between the coral reefs and undercut limestone hills, the effect was “Wow! Amazing!” We anchored off a white beach and immediately jumped in the water. It had the perfect temperature and “the swimming pool” became a twice a day event. Paradise is where you make it but this is a good place to start.

Just along from us were a few boats with young families on board. One night they turned the beach in to an outdoor cinema and on Christmas Eve there was a beach party. A tribe of happy, well brought up children having a good time and everyone made us very welcome.

We climbed two steep limestone hills to enjoy the moment when you step out of the hot jungle and the vista of water and hills opens up in front of you. It is hard to believe that what you are looking down in to is reality and not something from a films special effects department. Everything is just too perfect with geometrically rounded hill tops, immaculately spaced trees on the hillside and water with every known shade of blue.

We also found a school of sharks to swim with. They were black tip reef sharks so not human eaters but still they had that evil feeling that sharks emanate as they swim past you with their tiny little eyes sizing you up.

We spent four days in Wayag. It is indescribably beautiful  and I am pretty sure we will not find anywhere to knock it off the “most beautiful place ever” pedestal”.

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