The first week in Singapore

We are back in Singapore. We have been invited to house and dog sit here for five weeks. Five weeks in a beautiful house in the middle of the jungle with limitless warm water and a washing machine. When asked, we both considered the option for two minutes and voted unanimously for yes!

And now we have been here a week.

Every one knows about Singapore. It is a huge city of skyscrapers and wide roads and everything works perfectly. It is therefore a bit of a shock when you actually reach the island and find that it is really a jungle with a city integrated. There is nowhere that is not green. Even where something has been built, it is full of plants. The expressways have trees on each side and in the middle and are often built on stilts with the jungle continuing below them.

The buildings have plants and trees growing all over them. We learned that some people rarely leave their skyscraper as they can use the gardens and playgrounds that are integrated in to the building. They also have shopping, medical center and a “village square” with food stalls integrated.

This week we visited a multi story business center. Imagine a high rise block of flats over five hundred meters long and seven stories high. Then upgrade the lifts to carry goods, widen the corridors, add wide double doors into each unit and put a business behind each door. Add a few food halls with a variety of food outlets, a children’s nursery and a tennis court.

multi story business park

Behind the house is an old cemetery in the forest which is the perfect place to walk the dogs. Around every corner is a new and interesting set of graves as well as monkeys and monitor lizards. The animals are obviously of the opinion that it is their home and while they will back off to let you past, they are not going to run away. It is a bit unusual to pass so close to a family of monkeys who look at you in disdain or warn you off with a smile full of sharp teeth.

Bikes are our preferred method of travel, and there are some beautiful cycle paths through the parks, but the public transport system is incredibly well thought through. We have a bus stop about a hundred meters from the house and the buses come every five to ten minutes. They connect with other buses or the underground which takes you everywhere. When you get on you tap your credit card or phone and tap off with the same. The fare is based on distance traveled.

The first week has been great fun but we still have so much to see and explore as we learn about this tiny but incredible country.

Our photos are in our Singapore album.

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