Sailing to France

Radio Interview

We were interviewed in Australia by Andrew Ogilvie from Edge Radio. Here is the entire interview.

Header Pictures

The images that are used at the top of pages on this site with a short description of the story behind each of them.

kayaking to Moto Ofei off the island of Tubuai in the Austral Islands (2021)
Approaching Raivavae in the Austral Islands (2020)
Artemis at anchor in Raivavae (Austral Islands) during a downpour (2020)
From the summit of Tubuai (2021)
Sunset at anchor in Martinique (2019)
Lanzarote from La Graciosa
Lanzarote from La Graciosa with the village of Caleta del Sebo in the foreground. Taken after sailing from Spain via Morocco (2017)
Chartered Dufour anchored at the south end of Dugi Otok island (Croatia) at the end of two weeks sailing in the Islands (2017)
Heidi sailing on Lake Maggiore
Sailing a Sun Odyssey 30 on Lake Maggiore (Switzerland) during a cycle trip to Monaco (2017)
Chartered Dufour at anchor at the island of Zimnjak (Croatia) during a two week tour through the Islands. (2017)
Cadiz sunset from sea
Sunset over Cadiz (Spain) while entering harbour with Go-n-Sail (2016)
Island in Croatia
Island off Radalj (Croatia). Taken while cycling to Dubrovnik. (2016)
Geisshorn (Tirol) in winter
On the Geißhorn (2,366 metres, in Austria) in winter during a tour with mountaineering skis (2015)