Lake McKenzie – a long walk

We are anchored off Kingfisher Bay behind K’Gari (Fraser Island). Inland there is an immaculately clean, see through lake with the finest sand and water that reflects the blue sky. Surprisingly, this being Australia, there is absolutely nothing in the lake that is trying to kill or eat you. We had to visit.

There are tours offered for $200 per person. Another alternative is to hire a 4×4 car for a day for “only” $250 per person. We considered the mountain bikes but that is forbidden on the walking trails. So we decided to walk, see more of the island and save $500.

abandoned jetty, 4×4 track, dingo fence, walking trail

We left the dinghy on the beach, passed out of the electrified dingo fence and walked along the cliffs to the site of an old sawmill and loggers jetty. Once there, we turned inland and headed into the forest. The walk to the lake was 15 kilometers and we met not a single other person on the walking trail. Just the two of us alone in the untouched rain forest was a beautiful experience.

Lake McKenzie was as stunning as we had read. The sand is as fine as dust, the water is totally transparent and the temperature perfect. After 15 kilometers of walking across sand it was a dream to dip in to the lake. When we arrived there were quite a few people but they mostly left on their bus a short time later. The lake is pure, clear rainwater and absolutely stunning.

We walked back up to the car park and ate our picnic inside a fenced in area. It is illegal to have food outside these compounds because of the danger of attracting dingos who are the apex-predators on the island. I think we saw nearly a hundred signs saying “Be dingo safe – keep hold of your children!”

The walk home was via a different path but just as beautiful. The last part was on the sand road so we had to avoid the (partly incompetent) 4×4 drivers but it was an enjoyable walk. After a total of 25 kilometers we reached the coast and the Sand Bar. We treated ourselves to a hamburger, drinks and a swim in their swimming pool. A perfect end to a fantastic day.

Our route is at AllTrails.

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