Tubuai continued

Before we sailed to Tubuai we heard from other sailors that they had spent a month anchored off the island. We had philisophised about what you found to do for such a long time. When we finally left, after over two weeks, we could easily imagine being stuck on this beautiful island.

We cycled every track on the island with Arnaud ( chief of the gendarmes and our guide) spending three days ensuring we missed nothing. He showed us hidden temples, jungle covered ceremonial stones and unknown petroglyphs. We climbed the mountains from three sides and cycled everything you can ride a mountain bike along.

Ina & Hervé – two amazingly friendly people – fed us great food, organized a gas refill, visited us on board, told us everything about mountain life and lent us their kayaks. We paddled across the lagoon to the tiny basalt island of Motu Ofai. This is the summit of a volcano that is slowly sinking in to the reef. For us it was our private tropical island to snorkel and sunbathe on totally alone.

The president of French Polynesia visited the island so there was a sit down meal to celebrate. Our friend Mila ensured that we were invited to represent the few sailors who reach this far flung island. Mila also invited Heidi to a traditional dance lesson with some local ladies where they swayed to the sound of Meherio – the mermaid song.

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