Rurutu generosity

We were cycling across the hills on the stunningly beautiful island of Rurutu, enjoying the gentle breeze and panoramic views across the green slopes and fringing reef. We had already passed coffee bushes, grapefruit and lemon trees and our rucksacks were full from “wilderness shopping”.

another day of generosity!

In a small village we asked three taro farmers sat under a tree where we could buy avocados. One told us to follow him as he pushed a wheelbarrow of grass and roots home. Once we reached his garden he picked and opened two coconuts for us to drink the refreshing juice. While he fed the contents of his wheelbarrow to the pigs, his wife brought us fresh bananas to eat. The farmer returned with a bag full of avocados which he tied to the back of my rucksack. He and his wife then filled Heidi’s rucksack with taro. We tried to pay. We begged to be allowed to pay but they insisted everything was a present and wished us “Bonjournee” as they waved us off.

The next day we cycled back to the farmer’s village to give his wife and him some home made chocolate cake. As we passed the village hall it began to rain but there was a party in progress. One lady gestured to us that we should come in out of the rain. The next brought us fresh coconuts to drink and others asked us where we came from and explained that the party was a celebration of traditional crafts.

The world is full of wonderful people.

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