Taha’a – chilling in 30°C

Another week, another island. Taha’a was only a short sail from Bora Bora and, amazingly, the wind was blowing the correct way.

Taha’a has the green hills, the transparent waters and the reef protecting it from the Pacific swell. It also has an incredible sense of peace and everyone seems to be busy doing nothing slowly. The entire island is one huge botanical garden. Hibiscus is everywhere, the hedges are a riot of colour and fruit grows in every garden and wood. We returned from our first walk with so many mangos and bananas that we had to restart the chutney production and after our bike ride the rucksacks were laden with fruit.

We cycled the 66 kilometers around the island and every corner offered another beautiful view. We were shown a vanilla plantation by it’s owner and visited the island’s rum distillery. Bikes are definitely “the way” to see the islands. Fast enough to get round, slow enough to enjoy the experience. GPS track – 20201126 round Taha’a

And today is the first Sunday in Advent. A breeze let us sail the few miles to another piece of reef, the water is the perfect temperature to cool off and we have another dream sunset ordered to accompany the pizza this evening.

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