Whales watching humans watching whales

Through a series of lucky coincidences, a group of us ended up on the catamaran Sybo for a whale watching trip. We had the french “whale spotter” on the roof, the German “video man” and a collection of “swimmers” from three nations.

Our whale spotter found a male, a female and a calf just outside the reef and immediate excitement broke out. Heidi was left looking after children and Neill at the helm. We watched swimmers and whales only a hundred meters from the boat and enjoyed the stories of their close encounter when they returned.

Tired whale watchers

The next day the “Sybos” and we decided to take a second look. We sailed down the reef in Artemis and after a few tacks had only seen whales at a distance. As soon as we had a coffee in the hand, a mother and calf surfaced next to us. The sail was down in seconds and Heidi, Sybille and Bo were in the water immediately.

The calf was nosy and came to look at the strange little creatures – he was only five meters long. The mother was below but also surfaced directly between the swimmers. Neill could hear Heidi’s laughter from the boat. Some one was obviously having fun.

After about an hour the whales had seen enough human and vice versa so went their separate ways. Back on Artemis there were some extremely excited whale watchers and it was good we needed two hours to sail back to the bay so they could recover their composure.

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