Exploring Moorea

Bo – a friend from the catamaran Sybo – suggested a bike ride on Moorea so at six in the morning the three of us were on land with our bikes assembled, kitted up and fully motivated.

The island of Moorea has a road all the way round the edge. A nice flat road with a good tarmac surface and, most of the way a bike lane. It is 60 kilometers so on a sunny morning you are finished before it gets warm.


Moorea also has a mountain bike trail. A lot of off road track and some steep, slippery, root covered, stony trails. Every kilometer there is a stony stream to cross and most of the time you are heading up or back down. The entire route is through plantations and jungle so there is a lot of different greens and no breeze.

That sounds more like us.

By starting with the “once round the island tour” to warm up, we ensured that we reached the mountain bike trail with the sun high in the sky so that the sweat was pouring off us. It was still great fun and took us far off the tourist track.

We finished by cycling up to the Belvedere viewpoint which, at 270 meters above sea level, is the highest point you can cycle to on the island. From there it was all downhill back to the boat.

Our route is at AllTrails

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