International life

We speak German and English but here in French Polynesia they speak French and Polynesian so we are learning French.

I was testing Heidi and asked “nine?” to which she answered “non!”. I said “no” so she looked at me and said “of course nein is non” to which I answered no “nine is neuf.” Totally correctly she exclaimed “bien sur!” and pointed out that “neuf is nine”. Perhaps three languages in one conversation is too many.

We had some shopping delivered from Tahiti and logged in to our online banking to pay the nice lady. We used her IBAN but the bank wouldn’t allow us to pay local money (XPF) so we used EUR. The next day there was an answer from the bank saying EUR for an XPF account even with IBAN wouldn’t work. Strangely a neighbouring boat managed to pay USD and it arrived as XPF. This is too complicated. We have delegated it to the kids.

Here, palm weaving is high tech!

And don’t even get us started on clearing in to a country with closed borders that we are not officially in even when we are there.

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