Last night at sea?

Tonight is our fifty third night at sea and it may be the last for this voyage.

We both find it hard to believe but maybe at first light tomorrow we will see the island of Hiva Oa before us. This has been our destination since we changed plan some 3000 miles ago. Back then it was so unimaginably far away and now it waits “just over the horizon”.

The last person we saw was a fisherman who begged food seven weeks ago. The last ship or vessel of any type was also six weeks ago. A few weeks ago we met a huge whale and there is always the occasional seabird or flying fish but basically we have been alone.

Maybe tomorrow we will see people or even talk to someone. Maybe smell vegetation or earth. And maybe sleep anchored to the seabed. Strange thoughts but we shall see.

Now we just enjoy another warm night under the well known stars by the light of a quarter moon.

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