Morning wake up call

Another morning in the Pacific. Over three hundred miles from Peru and two hundred off the Galapagos Islands. The sky is blue, the water is blue and we are brown – and in my case naked. Heidi has a bikini on but there is a huge rip in the back. We are lounging in the cockpit drinking coffee. Only another two thousand miles to Easter Island and getting less each day.

Then the AIS alarm sounds and the display starts blinking. Something is going to hit us in three minutes. We scan the horizon frantically but it is empty. The alarm stops and the ghost ship disappears off the screen.

Barely have we sat down again and the alarm starts again. “HC-COA” is approaching at 80 knots and impact is imminent. We can see NOTHING! Heidi suggests a super fast submarine. I’m thinking cruise missile. We are both thinking “Shit!”

This is the helicopter that visited us.

And then Heidi spots a helicopter heading our way. I dive below to look for underpants. Keeping her bottom away from the helicopter, Heidi waves to the hovering pilots and they wave back. Then they are off again looking for some one else to terrify.

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