The ABC Islands

IF things go according to plan we will sail away from the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) on Monday after clearing out on Sunday. We arrived in the islands at the end of May having left the Leeward Islands before the hurricane season started.

Aruba seascape.

Four months during which we enjoyed two weeks with Gertrud and Jon on board and left Artemis for a few weeks to visit Allgäu. We also managed a few cycle trips but most of the remaining twelve weeks were taken up with repairing or upgrading our Artemis. Everything from cleaning rust off to a complete new sunshade (bimini). A new water maker to some clever little socks that stop the karabiners rattling.

the locals have a sense of humour

The work has often been frustrating as “tomorrow” doesn’t mean “the day after today” but rather “one day but definitely not today and probably not tomorrow either”. Parts have had to be ordered and flown in from Europe which wasn’t helped by the customs strike or they have to be collected from the local chandlery which is 5 kilometers with the bike upwind. The temperature has hovered round the 30°C mark which makes working with epoxy or varnish fun as the tins suggest that 15°C is optimal.

Artemis in Curacao

We have met lots of great people here in the islands. Both other cruisers and locals. It is definitely the people who make a place and not the scenery – although the scenery is also worth seeing; everything from white beaches, through desert and cactus forests to crashing waves on the north coast.

But we are sailors so it was wonderful to sail out of the marina yesterday and anchor off Eagle Beach. Finally back at sea with the wind to take us on to new adventures.

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