Holiday in Allgäu

Most people consider our life to be a permanent holiday. Yes we enjoy tropical beaches and yes we meet interesting locals and cycle to exotic places but most days we do a bit of work on the boat as well. We decided we needed a holiday.

When you visit a new country every month, what you need for the perfect holiday is family and friends so we flew back to Allgäu. Two weeks of daughters, friends, daughters, family and daughters. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner appointments to catch up on all the news. And sleep became optional with a total of fifteen hours the first three days.

Our best friends ensured it was a real holiday. We didn’tcook once, hardly washed up and cleaned nothing. We repaired a washing machine for a friend but no winches, sails, pumps or woodwork. We weren’t totally lazy and managed some great bike rides with adventurous trails. It was 30°C one day so we enjoyed the breeze while our friends melted.

It was a revelation. The “real world” is so complicated and so full of problems. We had not realised how chilled and content we have become until we plunged back in to reality and experienced peoples stories of work, family, colleagues and “objects”.

We are writing at Bogota Airport on our way to Aruba. Holidays are fun but we are looking forward to getting “home”.

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