Ups and downs!

Friday morning and our second package had arrived from Ocean Chandlery the previous day. A quick breakfast and then we attached the new anchor winch motor to the anchor winch gearbox – or rather we tried to. It didn’t fit, the mounting holes are the wrong size in the wrong place.

-1: running total -1

A waitress came round from the local bar and showed us that one of her colleagues had “added” a $20 tip to the bill hoping it wouldn’t be noticed. The manager apologised but (as of Monday) we still don’t have our $20

-1: running total -2

We finally received a replacement wrist strap for our outboard motor. The young guy from the yard tried to start the motor and broke the mounting bracket on the boat.

-1: running total -3

We hoisted the new jib and it fits and it looks shiny and white.

+1: running total -2

rust on the new frame.

On Saturday we discovered rust on our brand new stainless steel solar panel and sunshade frame.

-1: running total -3

We installed the pre-pump and the pre-filter for the watermaker and switched the system on. There was a small leak but we stopped that. The system is now finished and waiting for us to go to sea to test

+1: running total -2

On Sunday Heidi began the sewing of our sun shade. The sewing machine works and she looks like a real professional.

+1: running total – 1

cycling with Katrin and Hans

Hans and Katrin came and convinced us to leave working and cycle up to the island for a drink. Afterwards Heidi made Pina Colada and we all had fun.

+2: back in plus.

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