Restaurant Artemis

Many people visualize us sat round the camping gas stove eating warmed up food out of a tin can. Even some other sailors think that is how to live on a boat. Luckily we actually live in a very nice restaurant and enjoy a huge variety of home cooked food.

Restaurant Artemis- a selection from the menu

Last night we had a Swedish neighbor round for dinner so after the Rum Punch we sat down to home made pizza with a salad. I (Neill) love making pizza. Until we set off sailing I thought pizza came frozen from Aldi. Now I know that you make the base with flour, water, salt, sugar, oil, yeast and sunshine. The sauce is made of finely chopped tomatoes and garlic with a bit of Heidi magic and the topping is whatever you can buy locally. Pizza that we make ourselves tastes amazing. Yes I’m biased but ask the neighbors – they agree.

In Martinique we ordered a Beefburger but as Martinique is part of France we received a Burger de boeuf with the meat and sauce in a baguette. Since then our burgers are always french. This is not the only recipe we have collected on the way. Scotland added chocolate brownies, England scones and from an “ancient mariner” we learned about corned beef hash. In Italy we discovered amazing white pizza and since the Caribbean we make our own Baileys – tastes better than the original and costs a fraction.

Cooking is fun and eating home made food is always a joy.

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