A thousand miles from anywhere.

Today is our ninth day at sea and we are in the middle of the Atlantic. The Cape Verde Islands off Africa are almost a thousand miles behind us and French Guiana in South America is nearly as far to the south west. The Caribbean is still well over a thousand miles ahead.

Three days ago we sighted a sailing boat but we saw nothing of the crew and they didn’t answer our radio call. That is the only vessel we have seen in the last week. No boats and no planes. We are the only two people in our part of the world.

Most days we see flying fish and one or two birds fly past but otherwise the ocean is empty. One day Heidi spotted a large field of seaweed floating past. Finally something new and interesting.

The moon follows the sun across the sky and new, unknown stars are appearing to the south. We both spend much of the night watches in the cockpit enjoying the moonlight, stars and shooting stars.

No mobile phone connection, no television, no Internet, no radio and no popping out for half an hour. No appointments. No stress.

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