I don’t want to live in a cave

The last few nights we were anchored off a remote beach on the island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands. The beach was pebbly and backed by a cliff of volcanic rock. In the cliff were caves and in these caves people were living. Initially we thought that the inhabitants had no other choice but a search in the Internet suggested that people were here taking “time out” from civilisation. They come here to enjoy their life far away from every day things.

When we rowed to the shore and went for a walk we passed a few caves and also a few people camped out in the undergrowth. The standard equipment seemed to be a sleeping mat and something to cook on. Clothes were optional.

A nice cave looking out to sea

I thought that we were minimalists on our ten meter long boat but these people have taken things much further. Respect.

But I have decided, I don’t want to live in a cave. I love our mattress, our oven and our solar electricity too much. I also enjoy having a toilet and a sink. I enjoy switching the light on and checking my emails.

I also enjoying buying water and provisions in a harbour and filling the cupboards without having to carry everything along a rocky path from the neighbouring village.

But seeing how these people survive reminded me in what luxury we live, here on Artemis

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