Repairs and improvements

This is a list of repairs and improvements made to Artemis since we bought her. Standard servicing is not included.

Always enough work on a boat

The layout of this list is based on the surveyors report we had prepared.

1. Hull

1.1 Hull External

Sep. 2022 Ground hull back. Applied two coats of epoxy (Jotun Penguard Universal Epoxy Primer Grey) followed by four coats of Coppercoat – five coats at the waterline.
May 2020 Lifted out, cleaned hull, documented state of Coppercoat (very good)
Apr. 2018 Abrade Coppercoat prior to launch

Apr. 2018 New name affixed to transom. New covelines and arrows.

Aug. 2017 Expose and make good the crack visible on the keel. (Grind out suspect crack in Coppercoat, laminate, fill and fair Coppercoat crack and patches.)

1.3 Hull Internal and Fit Out

Oct. 2022 extra fans for fridge replaced. New cover with filter.
Sep. 2021 sealed holes in anchor locker bulkhead (one for earth strap to pulpit, two for anchor winch wires).

April 2021 Serviced oven including door rebuild

Mar. 2021 Around the sinks we tried epoxy.
Jan. 2020 added extra fans to force air across fridge compressor.
Aug. 2019 rebuilt forward section of galley and installed new fridge.
July 2019 sanded and varnished woodwork in saloon. Created board to hold water bottles under front berth.
June 2019 sanded and varnished woodwork in heads.
May 2019 Added rubber matting in all lockers.
July 2018 Heads ceiling renewed.

1.5 Anodes

Jul. 2018 New anode affixed to hull and connected to boat earth. The anode was replaced last year by Ardfern Yacht Center but they “forgot” to connect it to the boats earth!
August 2017 New anode affixed to hull

2. Deck, Superstructure and External Fittings

2.1 Deck Moulding

Sep. 2022 deck repainted with new anti-slip.
Aug 2021 repaired crack in foredeck next to anchor winch switch.

Dec. 2019 resealed diesel inlet, starboard car jammers and port attachment for spare halyards to deck.
Aug. 2019 resealed fresh water inlet to deck.
Sep 2019 Repaired damage to GRP in cockpit.
Sep 2019 Removed varnish from cockpit console. Teak oiled.
Jul. 2018 Removed all varnish above deck. All teak oiled.

2.2 Winches, and deck hardware

Oct. 2019 port aft stanchion was loose. Holder corroded. New bolts installed.
Oct. 2019 Starboard genoa and port jib winch dismantled, serviced &rebuilt. Pawls were stuck and needed freeing.
July 2019 Port genoa winch dismantled, serviced &rebuilt. One pawl was stuck and needed freeing.
Oct 2018 six winches in cockpit serviced.

2.3 Windows, Hatches and Ventilation

Oct. 2022 to Oct. 2023 New polycarbonate windows
Oct. 2022 removed both dorado vents and sealed the holes in the deck with caps.
Sep. 2021 sealed leak around heads portlight.
Sep. 2021 sealed both Dorade vents to prevent leakage heading upwind.
July 2019 sanded and varnished all three hatchways.
Jul. 2018 All three hatches removed and resealed. Saloon windows resealed.
August 2017 repair companionway hatch and machine & install new fittings.

3. Rig

3.1 Standing Rigging

Dec. 2021 Kicker rod serviced with new gas strut.

Aug 2021 All stays and upper shrouds tensioned by rigger.
Dec 2020 replaced all lower shrouds after the port forward one broke in a knockdown

Juli 2020 tightened shrouds according to instructions from rigger.

Dec 2018 New Profurl for main foresail.
Dec 2018 Front forestay replaced and correctly affixed to deck with toggle. Inner forestay replaced and correctly affixed to deck and mast and tensioner added.
(both forestays were wrongly attached to the deck and re-fitted without toggles to the deck in 2017 by Ardfern Yacht Center. They also attached the inner forestay to the mast with the false fitting. The main forestay was incorrectly dimensioned 7mm instead of 8mm)

Mar. 2018 New Profurl C320/14 furling system for inner forestay

Dec. 2018 Replaced the standing rigging including upper toggle on inner forestay. (Ardfern Yacht Service.)

3.2 Mast and Spars

March 2012 Replaced gooseneck.

Dec. 2017 Make good the tabbing on the mast pillar base. (Cut back laminate around mast pillar, inject thickened epoxy.)

3.3 Running Rigging

Oct. 2022 Replaced reefing lines, main halyard and the Parasail halyard. Converted first reef to two line reefing.
Sep. 2021 security lines around spreaders and lazy jack upper rollers

June 2021 Replaced shackle on the spinnaker halyard.
May 2020 Replaced bottom roller on vang line.

Aug. 2018 First reef replaced. It had previously been badly spliced.

Feb. 2018 All running rigging removed, inspected, washed and dried. New genoa halyard. New spinnaker pole control lines.

3.4 Rigging Attachments

Aug 2021 strengthened deck under the front forestay with a laminated beam.


3.5 Sails and Covers

Feb 2023 Genoa and jib to sailmaker. Repaired as necessary.
Oct. 2022 new rail mounted on deck for spray dodger.
Feb. 2022 All sails, spray dodger and dinghy cover all at sailmaker. All repaired as necessary.
June 2021 installed stainless steel tighteners for the aft sunshade.

May 2021 Repaired aft end of stack-pack
March 2021 Repaired stack pack.
March 2021 Repaired UV protection on the Genoa

Aug. 2020 Repaired stack pack and mast cover.
Nov. 2019 Repaired rip in UV protection on Genoa.

Oct. 2019 New cushion covers in cockpit.
Sep 2019 New aft sunshade and solar panel frame installed
Sep 2019 New jib.
June 2019 Rip in Jib temporarily repaired

Dec. 2018 Jib and Genoa repaired.
Nov. 2018 bought a Parasailor
Apr. 2018 two repairs to spray-hood and three to stack-pack.

4. Mechanical System

4.1 Engine & Gearbox

Feb 2023 Both brackets that hold the salt water pipe on the stern of engine were re-welded after cracking.
Feb 2023 Exhaust pipes correctly connected to avoid sea water ingress in to the engine. (The engine had been incorrectly reconnected when the new engine was installed in Martinique.)

Jan. 2022 Yanmar control cable cleaned and freed up.
Dec. 2021 Yanmar salt water pump rebuilt.
Dec. 2021 engine earth strap replaced.
Sep. 2020 engine earth strap corroded. Refitted.

Aug. 2019 coolant line to header tank and calorifier rerouted so that it no longer hinders removal of the head cover. (Varadero – Aruba)

Feb 2019 New Yanmar engine installed. The overheating was probably due to a leak in the salt water / fresh water exchanger. That was going to need to be ordered from Japan. Decided on a new motor.
Dec. 2018 Calorifier disconnected and reconnected to try and solve overheating. Unsuccessful.

May 2018 Exhaust pipes correctly connected to avoid sea water ingress in to the engine. (The engine had been incorrectly reconnected by Ardfern Yacht Center.)

Feb. 2018 Remove, clean, degrease, paint and remount engine. Painted engine bilge.

4.2 Stern Gear

May 2020 Replaced stern gland as it was leaking. cleaned prop. Half of rope cutter found to be missing.

Feb 2018 clean and paint Aquadrive. Replaced cutlass bearing. Replaced stern gland.
Aug. 2017 Remove, clean, antifoul and refit prop and rope cutter

4.3 Fuel System

Nov. 2021 Drain and clean fuel tank. Fit new sight glass and drain valve.
Oct. 2017 Drain and clean fuel tank. Fit inspection hatch.

4.4 Rudder & Steering

Oct. 2023 rudder repainted above the water line with two coats of undercoat and two of blue.

March 2022 Monitor windvane repaired after leg sheared before Palmerston Reef.
Oct. 2021 Field repair of Monitor Windvane with Dyneema rope off Palmerston Reef.

June 2020 replaced spring ring on windvane that was lost at sea

Aug. 2019 mounted new tiller holder making use of the chain from the wind vane. Protective sock sewn.
July 2019 completely refurbished the tiller.
Sep. 2018 Removed, dismantles and rebuilt the Monitor Windvane. Gearing upgraded to newest type.
May 2018 set up wind vane correctly and began usage.

5. Systems and Services

5.1 Fresh Water

Sep. 2023 Reinstalled pre-pump for watermaker behind heads bowl
March 2023. Replaced the expansion/accumulator tank.
Feb 2023 repaired fresh water pump. Pressure switch was corroded and sticking.

Sep. 2021 field repair of water maker pre-pump outlet connection.
Jul. 2021 extensive water maker tests due to variable PPM and air in system.
Jan. 2021 complete service of watermaker and new membrane.
Nov. 2019 Watermaker functioning. Problem was false assembly in factory.
Sep. 2019 New water-maker not working correctly immediately after commissioning. Water 1630 ppm and undrinkable.

June 2021 New non return valve for the galley sink.
August 2020 Resealed hose leading from salt water foot pump to sink.
Sep. 2019 repaired fresh water pump. Pressure switch was corroded and sticking.
Aug 2019 Installed Katadyn watermaker.
Aug. 2019 new gasket in heads sink drain.
July 2018 replaced hand pumped fresh water tap in galley.
May 2018 fitted a new fresh water pump of the correct type.
Apr. 2018 new fresh water pump. The wrong one but it worked. (The old one was destroyed when Ardfern Yacht Center flooded the boat during the engine service.)
Feb. 2018 Drain and flush water tank.

5.2 Batteries & 12V Distribution

Feb. 2023 new service batteries. The batteries from October last year failed. They were not marine. Now replaced with marine (Yuasa Seafarer 780).
Oct. 2022 new service batteries and engine battery.

Oct. 2022 New LED lights installed internally. New bulb in bow navigation light.
Oct. 2022 Two new volt meters below companionway for both battery sets.
Dec. 2021 foredeck light wiring resealed. Water was running through cable.
Mar. 2021 600 Watt inverter installed and wired via 125A fuse.
Jan 2020 New batteries for services and engine.
May 2019 added fuses and negative bus bar in battery compartment.
Dec. 2018 USB sockets installed
Nov. 2018 New foredeck light installed.
Aug. 2018 Service batteries checked and OK.
Apr. 2018 Rewired batteries and main switches to avoid services draining engine battery.
April 2018 Two new service batteries.

5.2.1 Power generation

Aug. 2021. Reprogrammed Victron Energy controller. Increased re-bulk value in expert mode.

June 2021 New bushes for Aquair in towed generator mode.
May 2021 Added two portable solar panels connected to the Marlec controller through plugs. Also made storage & transport bag.
April 2021 repaired the feed wire to the Marlec wind generator
Mar. 2021 Replaced MPPT board in Marlec wind generator
July 2020 Repaired Aquair feed wire
July 2020 Took MPPT PCB out of Marlec 914i turbine
Jan. 2020 Marlec HRDi reset itself. Needed to be removed from power.
Jan. 2020 Added solar charger (Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 100/30) and moved all solar panels on to it.
Jan. 2020 Two new solar panels @80W. Total now 320W.
Jan. 2020 new service batteries and engine battery. All DC31DT.
Dec. 2019 short circuit in Aquair junction box repaired.
Sep. 2019 Aquair rewired via plug on the cockpit console. Ammeter added
Sep. 2019 both solar panels moved on to new frame.
May 2019 Doubled wires from battery to solar/wind controller.
May 2019 Aquair generator in use as wind generator.
Dec. 2018 Fitted Aquair generator
Jul 2018 New solar panels mounted on new rails each side of the cockpit. New Marlec wind generator and controller mounted.

5.3 Shore Power and 230V Distribution

Nov. 2021 changed shore power to Australian connections on board (the others were corroded)
May 2019 rewired shore power charger.

5.4 Gas System

Jan. 2022 changed from Tahiti gas to Australian gas

Oct. 2020 changed from Camping to Tahiti gas
July 2020 removed gas alarm as it was defective. Replaced with switch.
Jan. 2020 changed gas detectors attached to gas alarm
Oct. 2019 Rewired gas alarm to a fuse in the battery box with enough spare wire to actually work on the controller.
Sep. 2018 Changed from Calor to Camping Gas due to cylinder and refill availability.

Apr. 2018 System completely rebuilt to agree with newest regulations. Completely tested acc. Gas Safe. Upstand in gas locker removed.

5.5 Heating

Jul 2018 New heating installed

5.6 Sanitation

March 2023 stopcock for heads outlet replaced. stopcock for heads inlet serviced. Replaced heads hand pump. Relaid the heads tubing and feed to the water maker. Re-connected the holding tank.

Sep. 2021 stopcock for heads outlet serviced again.
Oct. 2022 Toilet seat and lid replaced.
Sep. 2022 Holding tank removed, leaks repaired and then reinstalled. Control LED for “full” replaced.
Nov. 2021 stopcock for heads outlet serviced with new internal parts.
May. 2021 Dismantled, cleaned and reassembled all pipes associated with heads and removed the 3-way valve..
Mar. 2021 Renovated heads (toilet) seat.
Oct. 2019 Dismantled, cleaned and reassembled all pipes from heads to stopcock.
Aug. 2019 repaired the macerator pump switch. The feed wire had corroded.
Apr. 2018 replaced shower pump (The old one was destroyed when Ardfern Yacht Center flooded the boat during the engine service.)
Feb. 2018 Replace and reroute heads inlet hose to allow fitting of antisiphon valve. Strip and service both heads sea-cocks.
Feb 2018 Replaced sea water foot-pump in galley.

6. Safety and Navigation

6.2 Lifejackets and Man Overboard Recovery

Dec. 2019 Horseshoe buoys cleaned and lights tested.
July 2019 Horseshoe buoys cleaned and lights tested.
July 2018 3rd new lifejacket.
Apr. 2018 Two New Lifejackets
Apr. 2018 Fit new jackstays.
Apr. 2018 New horseshoe buoys.

6.3 Distress Equipmant

6.3.1 Flares

Apr. 2019 New flares

6.3.2 Liferaft

Oct. 2018 Liferaft inspected and serviced.

6.3.3 EPIRB

Oct 2023 EPIRB self test passed
March 2018 New EPIRB bought and registered to the vessel

6.4 Ground Tackle

Sep. 2023 New anchor chain (3).
Aug. 2023 Cleaned up brushes in anchor winch motor as they were sticking.
Apr. 2023 Cleaned up brushes in anchor winch motor as they were sticking.
Nov. 2022 Cleaned up brushes in anchor winch motor as they were sticking.
Oct. 2022 Anchor re-galvanized.
Nov. 2021 New anchor chain (2).
June 2021 new indicator LED installed for the anchor winch breaker.
April 2021 changed the brushes in anchor winch motor as they were sticking.
Mar. 2021 replaced anchor winch circuit breaker.
Dec. 2020 Cleaned up brushes in anchor winch motor as they were sticking.
August 2020 turned the anchor chain round.
July 2020 Cleaned up brushes in anchor winch motor as they were sticking.
Dec. 2019 New protector for anchor bridle.
August 2019 New anchor windlass motor incl. new adapter plate after old one burned out. (Bad repairs in June and July.)
July 2019 Anchor windlass stripped. New bearings and seals. Resealed to deck. Gearbox cleaned and greased.
June (Curacao) and July 2019 (Aruba) Anchor windlass motor repaired.
May 2019 New anchor chain (1).
May 2019 improved steel tube at anchor outlet with extra fixings.
May 2019 Foot switch for anchor windlass replaced.
July 2018 New anchor bridle.
Apr. 2018 turned bow roller down to accept Rocna anchor.
Feb. 2018 20kg Rocna anchor with Kong connector and shackle fitted.

6.6. Instruments and Navigation

Oct. 2022 Installed new speed-log.
March 2022. New converter from depth and wind speed to Raymarine bus (after lightning strike).
March 2022 new “thrust cap” (bobble) on the end of autopilot rod.

Dec. 2021 changed back to ICOM VHF after radio, cables and antenna were tested as OK in Brisbane. It did not work so once again on “spare” VHF.

May 2021 repaired the depth sensor which has always been “flaky”. It was wired wrongly to the Raymarine bus.
April 2021 Replaced AIS antenna and coaxial cable.
April 2021 Completely removed Navtex system.

May 2020. cleaned and freed speed log sensor. Cleaned depth sounder. Replaced corroded T-connector in Raymarine bus (in the battery compartment). Replaced VHF with used unit as old unit was not working.

Sep. 2019 VHF remote command mike was not working. WD40 on external socket worked.

7. Other Equipment


Aug 2021 Repaired dinghy chaps.

Nov. 2019. Bought new AB dinghy. Modified dinghy chaps to fit dinghy.

Nov. 2019 patched hole in bow the third time.

July 2019 New slats for floor cut and treated with expoxy.
June 2019 Patch hole in bow.

7.2 Outboard

Aug. 2021 Bought new Suzuki outboard motor.

July 2019 (Aruba) clutch replaced and all seals.
Jan 2019 (Martinique) complete service after dropping in sea.
Jan 2019 (Mindelo) seized bearing and broken shaft repaired


Aug 2021 Third wind catcher (in orange) with reefing lines and wider base
June 2019 Second wind catcher (with logo)
Jan. 2019 First wind catcher (from bed sheet)