There are idiots out there

Tying your boat to a dock in a marina should not be rocket science. It is a fairly easy process and if you are not sure you can even look it up in the Internet. There are “cleats” on each side of the dock and you tie your lines to the cleats nearest you.

But, as this picture shows, this is too complicated for some people. They bought a nice big motor boat and have now tried to shoehorn it into a small dock. They ran out of cleats on their side so thought they would use one of the neighbours.

They could have tied a single loop leaving space for the neighbour but instead decided to see how much rope you could get on a cleat to ensure their was nothing left for the boat next door.

Obviously, at some point some one took exception to this stupidity and untied the line. Maybe, at this point, you or I would have considered if what we were doing was sensible or polite. But not Mr Big Boat. He then used cable ties to ensure no one untied his lines from the cleats he had “stolen”.

It makes you wonder. But then you take a look in the boat’s cockpit and wonder a little less.

3 thoughts on “There are idiots out there”

    1. although, as a family friendly web site, we would prefer you to write about his Richard and save the diminutive for when we meet. 🙂

  1. There’s not a lot of people that know how to Use the same cleat, including big motor boats , it’s called DIPPING THE EYE Everyone can get their boats away without untying somebody else’s boat. It’s an easy practice, but a lot of people don’t know how to use it when they are moring their boats.

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