“Take Me To Tasmania”

We were recently anchored in a lonely bay with sunshine and a stunning view reflecting in the mirror like water. We took the dinghy across to the neighbour’s catamaran and immediately had beers pushed in to our hands. We were talking about what a great place Tasmania is and he said

There are too many tourists here already. Tell them it is cold and horrible in Tasmania. Tell them we are all unfriendly. Tell them it is dangerous and to stay away.

So maybe you should not watch the following video

Tasmania is one of the least unfriendly places we have been. In Port Davey we took the dinghy across to Pieter van der Woude’s amazing catamaran “Odalisque III” to ask for a weather update. We came back with the weather and a bag of food. Half an hour later they brought us more food. The next day, after two weeks away from shops and civilization, we sailed the uninhabited south coast of Tasmania with fresh wraps, smoked ham, fresh salad and fresh fruit.

Sailing north along the d’Entrecasteaux channel we were hailed on VHF channel 16 – “Sailing Yacht Artemis, this is Daydream. Over!” Colin, who we knew from Port Arthur and who lives on Bruny Island, had seen us approaching on our satellite tracker and called as he saw us passing. He had arranged a berth for us at the tiny sailing club and immediately put us in the Landrover and took us home to his farm in the middle of the bush. He took the rest of the week off to show us everything and when Claire arrived there was an amazing dinner party with the neighbours.

We had battery problems – don’t ask – but pulled in at Kettering and were twice chauffeured to Hobart by John to visit the battery shop. De filled another shopping bag of fresh produce from her garden and they both invited us to their boat for coffee and biscuits before we departed.

We anchored next to friends off North Bruny and enjoyed a great evening where we ate too much, drank a little and the girls played the boys at some horrendously complicated game. The next evening the crew of Mischief invited us to meet them on land for a grill. Two other cruisers we had never met before made us smoked muscles and grilled Abalone (marine snails).

After passing through the Denison Canal we called Dougal who we met a few months ago. He had his friend Matt make us great coffee in his workshop and then turned up with beer and chips for the four of us.

But don’t tell anyone we told you that the Tasmanians were friendly. And don’t watch the video.

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