Sydney Cycling

After the “Blue Mountain Tour” we took the train back to Sydney and spent the night there. Trying to find a restaurant turned in to a disaster and I still don’t understand how we could have walked for two hours and only found McDonalds. But that is another story for when we get old.

The next morning we cycled across the city and then across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Less than twenty four hours before we had been at the Red Hands Cave where aborigines had lived for thousands of years and here we were cycling across this engineering masterpiece with a view of skyscrapers and the Opera House. Life is strange.

After a tasty and filling cooked breakfast in North Sydney, we cycled along tracks, pushed across beaches and carried our bikes up and down steps along the coast and back to Artemis.

I love adventuring and I love exploring the world but I also love coming home to our boat!

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