The Hummock – and surroundings

In the Canary Islands we cycled the 2100 meters uphill to the rim of Teide. Off Africa we cycled 1100 meters uphill through a desert to the crater of Santa Antao. In South America we cycled in to the Andes and across a 3500 meter pass. We then cycled down Cotopaxi from 4600 meters. In Polynesia we cycled across the middle of Tahiti. And now we are in Bundaberg, Australia so we needed to get out and cycle the highest mountain.

Bundaberg’s highest point is “the Sloping Hummock” which was named by Lieutenant Flinders. He was obviously very imaginative as, seen from the sea, the hill is a sloping hummock. It is a very impressive 96 meters above sea level.

We left Artemis anchored in the river in the middle of Bundaberg and cycled through the Baldwin Swamp and then out of the town heading East. The Hummock is easily seen across the table flat landscape and the views from the top were extensive.

We then continued out to the Pacific coast where we ate a snack and enjoyed the view back across the ocean where we had come from. We both felt that it was time we sailed Artemis back down the river and out in to the ocean where she belongs.

On the beachfront, Heidi was attacked by a “swooping bird”. These are magpies that attack you as you cycle past and the reason most cyclists have cable ties sticking out of the top of their helmets. We do not yet have this modification so when the bird attacked Heidi, it took a peck at her cheek which surprised her. In Australia it appears everything attacks you.

Fertile fields from river to ocean

Back in Bundaberg, we visited the Rum Distillery. We decided not to buy a bottle of rum for $450, nor a “Bundaberg Rum” hat for $60. We also passed on the tour of the distillery so enjoyed a very inexpensive visit.

As we had the bikes put together, we also visited the swamps again, the ginger beer brewery, the zoo and the vegetable store. An enjoyable exploration of Bundaberg.

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