Burnett River life

and in Australia the weather was … SUNNY! Except over Bundaberg, where the mother of all rain storms was hovering like a huge ink blot on the weather radar.

The screenshot shows clear skies all over the surrounding country but a 300 kilometer wide torrential rain storm sat right over us. And it sat there for 24 hours. The boat is shiny clean, the water cans are full to brimming with fresh rain water scooped out of the dinghy and we decided against cycling.

The rain leaked through the window above the sleeping Heidi so, as soon as the rain finished, there was a change of plan and that window was ripped out and the new polycarbonate “none leaky” window installed. If we are anything, we are flexible.

This week we also managed to remove our “holding tank” (the polite name for where the s%&t from the toilet goes) from under the bed and take it to some one who found the leak and repaired it. We then reinstalled it and things look no different to before we started. I am so glad we have photos to prove that we actually do something.

We also installed new service batteries. The third set since we started. To paraphrase something we recently heard from a sailor
Solar power is the most expensive way to get electricity for free
But, at the same time renewable energy is absolute freedom and we wouldn’t ever want to be without it.

So we got rained on, had a leaky, s%&t tank and spent more money on more batteries but then the sun sets across the river and you realize, there are much worse ways to live.

After the rain

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