Biking the Redlands

In my last blog, I mentioned that we cycled the soft sand of North Stradbroke Islands. If you are interested you can see our route at Alltrails.

Back on the mainland we set out to explore the mountain bike parks that the Redlands Council have built near town. The first day we “got back in to practice” in the relatively flat Redlands Track Park. The park only has an area of about four square kilometres but contains 25 kilometers of trails.

As you can see in the above map we managed a lot of trailing. Our route in detail is at Alltrails. The vegetation is everything from Eucalyptus forest to a deep, bracken filled creek. It is a real challenge trying to make the turns, avoid trees, jump fallen trunks and enjoy the view.

The next day we were back on the bikes and heading inland to the “more serious” Eastern Escarpment Conservation Area. Here there are 29 kilometres of tracks and they are nearly all marked as intermediate rather than easy. They are definitely steeper, on the side of Mount Cotton. We cycled all the way through the park to the viewing platform near the summit and then all the way back down again. Eleven kilometers to get to the park, thirteen kilometers of trails and then eleven back to the boat! Route is at Alltrails. We did this trail on a Saturday and therefore we were not alone. We definitely raised the average age in the park which, without us, would have been about twenty.

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