Christmas 2021 – Tangalooma Wrecks

Another Christmas, another continent. After Europe (2017), Africa (2018), South America (2019) and Oceania (2020) it was time for our Christmas in Australia.

We needed a beach, clean sea water, a gentle breeze and Christmas carols so we sailed to Tangalooma. Here there is a sheltered anchorage between the beach and a row of wrecked boats. The beach was full of four wheel drive vehicles all with their awnings and barbecues. The bay was full of boats – jet-skis, tiny fishing boats, sailing boats, catamarans, tourist carriers and a few yachts. The current was strong but we have a good anchor.

Tangalooma Wrecks

The wrecked boats were stranded here thirty to forty years ago to offer protection from westerly winds. Over the years they have rusted away and become partly covered with coral. They are now home to more fish than you can ever imagine. Twice we went snorkeling and we weren’t swimming through water, we were swimming through multicolored fish.

On the day we arrived it appeared that the whole of Brisbane had the same idea. We anchored near a catamaran and shortly after another catamaran appeared and anchored between us. All three of us were swinging in the current and the wind and it got a little dangerous. The idiots who had arrived last – “crazy cat” – weren’t bothered so the first cat went elsewhere and we re-anchored further from them. They were still swinging around and later threw out a stern anchor which caused them to hit another boat. At least they were now far from us and we could relax.

“crazy cat” sideswipes their neighbour

On Christmas Eve, Shane from the neighboring boat brought us a beautiful photo of Artemis at anchor in front of a storm front. Later we enjoyed the Christmas carols on the local radio station, home made lasagna and local wine. A perfect Christmas!

Artemis at anchor (thank you Shane)

On Christmas Day we walked barefoot along the beach and then in to the forest to enjoy the scent of eucalyptus and the deafening Cicadas concert. In the afternoon “the neighbors” from the vessel “Moonwind” came over for coffee and Heidi’s chocolate cake.

Heidi, Neill, Graham, Denise, Jenny, Dan & Shane

And finally – here is a great Christmas carol that was played on the radio. Fantastic when you can turn the music up without annoying the neighbors.

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