Australia – finally

After our two weeks of quarantine, we were released on to the streets of Brisbane. Finally, about thirty years after I first dreamed of visiting Australia, we could start to explore.

The bikes were assembled and we set off to look at the surrounding countryside. We discovered perfumed Eucalyptus forests, bright red flame trees, flowery Jacaranda trees, orchestras of cicadas and winding creeks.

The cycle paths along the creeks were wide and the Australian pedestrians disciplined. It was fun to ride everywhere. We rode to the supermarket, to the chain supplier and to the telephone company.

On the first day a marina neighbor took Heidi shopping. Another neighbor asked us to join him on an evening sailing trip. It turned out that our presence was fortuitous. At the end of the trip there were 16 people on board and we were the only ones not drunk. An interesting experience. Other marina neighbors invited us round for drinks with great pizza and gave us lots of tips. The skipper of a government boat also gave us good advice. Australians appear to be extremely friendly and willing to help with anything.

A doctors practice converted our French vaccination certificates to Australian digital versions and last week we received our covid booster injections so are now ready for the harsh measures being introduced for the un-vaccinated next week.

Wine only costs four dollars a bottle and cheese is affordable again. Every day we are being introduced to something new in this exciting new country. Life is fun!

2 thoughts on “Australia – finally”

  1. Enjoy the Australian summer. My uncle lives in a suburb of Brisbane. You’ll have some distance to cover on your bikes. I hope you get to hire a car, travel by bus/train and go further a field. I’m sure you will.
    Have a warm Merry Christmas too. Cx

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