Halloween at Sea

The last day of October and the 34th day at sea on our way to Australia. Polynesia is two and a half thousand miles behind us. The Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia all came and went. Ahead of us is Australia, “just around the corner”, eight hundred miles away.

The day started with no wind but blue skies and remained that way all day. Sailing was not an option – even we can not sail with no wind. Before breakfast Heidi said “Let’s just have a lazy Sunday”.

During the morning coffee we learned French reflexive verbs to keep the brains working. Heidi made fresh bread for breakfast which we enjoyed in the cockpit surrounded by ocean. Not everyone has an uninterrupted view across a thousand square kilometers of the world from “the balcony”.

As there was no wind we ran the motor for half an hour to check it still works. We found condensation below the diesel filter so bled that off and then reprimed the diesel pump.

pizza is great. Water in diesel – not so good.

The motor had warmed the water up and the sun was shining so we washed the bed sheets, a few towels and us.

We also repaired the jib furling line and hoisted the main to sort out the furling lines. The mobile Solar panels we packed away ready for the forecast wind and Heidi cleaned the main panels. We documented a few things and finally sat down with a coffee and biscuits. I love these lazy days.

In the evening we made pizza. I did all the “easy stuff” – mix the dough and chop everything – while Heidi did the magic with herbs and the dangerous juggling of hot trays. We ate in the cockpit as the sun set.

We had just finished washing up when the wind came up so we set the sails and set off once again sailing west.

Another fantastic day on Artemis.

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