Five Days

The wind has stopped. Sometimes there is a gentle breeze but not enough to fill the sails or move the boat. We are drifting slowly north at the mercy of the ocean currents. It is five days since the last real wind and we have no idea when we will be able to sail again.

We still have well over two thousand miles to go to Australia and enough diesel to motor about two hundred. All we can do is wait for the wind.

Passing New Caledonia at sunset

Five days! In my previous lives that was a working week. Time to fly to Texas and back to repair a machine. Or set up a new project with time plan, budget and milestones. Or cycle to Poland. Or provide a village with Internet. Back then, five days were full of action, decisions and successes.

And now? Now we sleep, watch the waves, read, cook, consider how deep and blue the ocean is, sleep, make water, play and enjoy the moon waxing each night. We have time. We aren’t going anywhere so we can just enjoy being here.

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