Plan. Do. Tidy up!

A wise colleague once told me “you need a day to plan, a day to do, and a day to document and tidy up.”

The planning for our trip took three days if you count re-provisioning, re-fueling, weather maps, tide tables, pilot books and charts.

The actual trip took three days.

And now it seems the tidying up will also last as long. Yesterday we washed the salt water out of clothes, rags, ropes and towels. We also put things back away where they should be and generally tidied up.

Today we emptied, dried and cleaned the front cabin and toilet, washed sheets and clothes, aired everything and polished woodwork.

And tomorrow the saloon awaits our care. Then maybe Artemis will once again look as Artemis should look.

Did I mention that all this “working” is happening in a blue lagoon fringed by coral reefs and palm islands? Life could be worse.

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