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The night was spent just sleeping. Nothing else, no crazy stuff happening, no rolling around and hitting the wall, just deep restful sleep. So deep in fact that the first thing I heard in the morning was Heidi speaking out in shock that it was already 11.41 o’clock. We had slept for just over 12 hours, but it was sorely needed. 

But, once up we all had a heap of energy to spend, so we got all the bedding out to air, as it was a fine sunny day in Spain, anchored out in front of a Spanish town with someone in town jelling something in Spanish into a megaphone. Still doesn’t feel like Spain, though, as there are mountains that are green, it is only 21°C and there is no inquisition (didn’t expect that, hmm). 

Had a breakfast of bread, jam, honey and cheese and then went for a swim after shaving to get all the excess hair off. Dad was the first to jump in and said the temperature was only like the Alatsee (a cold lake in Allgäu). I disagree, more like the Kögelweiher (warmer) as you could spend a fair amount of time in the water and not get too cold. After the wash up we set off to town and met to Dutch people sailing round the world in one year. They must be in a bit of stress, but their objective for the town had been to get diesel… from a station forty minutes walk away. Anyway, they left the ladder that we planned to dock on, so we had space for our dingy. The next thing was to look for a tap of water, but didn’t find any, so we carried on into town, found a map of the place and followed the plan to the local tourist information. The town itself isn’t too large, so we got around fairly fast. Checked a few supermarkets on the way as we need a bit of a shopping update after three days of open ocean sailing. At the tourist information we got a lot of information about what we were searching for from the only person there that seemed rather happy that she had something to do about. She had to work, though, as nearly all other shops are closed due to the heat. Siesta gets a new meaning once you are in Spain. The time they are open is from six in the evening until nine at night. 

Once we got the info we needed Heidi bought us an ice and we then went shopping on the way back to Artemis. Once fully loaded on Artemis Heidi set about making some brownies whilst dad did some work on his laptop and I tried getting my data from Tesco sorted out from Spain. Then some home made pizza in the evening with a quick break to get some sunset pictures. Some rather good ones, too, as it had started raining a few hours ago and the sun gave some impressive light reflections through the clouds and on to the water. 

Electronics out after that to get this blog updated again and then off to bed to be ready for the next day. 

First day in Spain done. 

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