Hiva Oa chutney

Yesterday we returned from our tour of the island loaded with fruit so today we “had to” make chutney and it was great fun

We had a whole bag of mangos that we picked up from under the trees so the first job was skinning them and extracting the stones – a really messy job and the cockpit needed cleaning afterwards.

raw ingredients we picked in the jungle.

To some of the mangos we added grapefruit that we were given from a family’s garden and bananas from the huge bunch we received earlier this week. With this mixture we made some jam for the afternoons pancakes.

We needed raisins and had none so we picked them out of the muesli. Cooking on a boat on a Sunday, you have to be inventive. Luckily we still had chili that we were given by a swedish boat so a portion was added.

Garlic, onions and a local apple we had picked in the jungle were cut as small as possible and then vinegar, sugar and mustard added.

Heidi stirred and tasted and adjusted and stirred some more and after a few hours of work we had multiple jars of Hiva Oa chutney and even Heidi agrees it tastes “mmmm!”

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