A third of the world

Blog originally written about a month ago while in the Pacific

Phileas Fogg may have travelled around the world in eighty days but he certainly was not sailing.

Today we have been on our voyage for two years and reached Longitude 120°W. The world is divided in to 360 lines of Longitude and we sailed to zero back in England so today we have officially sailed a third of the way round the world. A long way in a small vessel that averages about three to four knots (6 km/h).

the first third of the world

After two years at sea, we really feel like sailors, especially today after seeing no land since nearly six weeks and no other sign of mankind since three.

We are a well drilled team and can manage most tasks “on automatic”, communicating for fun and not out of necessity. Complicated sail changes that used to take an hour are now done in 20 minutes. We can both feel when something needs changing and a look from the one is answered with “reef the sail? I thought so too.”

We no longer know how far we have sailed or how many lands we have visited. We have lost track of the myriad of languages and the meters of mountains we have biked up. The adventure isn’t about numbers, it is about experiencing other people and learning about ourselves.

We are currently in the middle of the Pacific. It is over a thousand miles to anywhere and, due to the Corona virus, we are not sure if we will be allowed to stay when we get some where. But we have our home and we have each other so the adventure will continue.

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  1. Must of been a bit strange. The rest of the world at least 1000 miles away dealing with Corona, and you two in the middle of the Pacific.

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