The Pacific is huge

We have now been at sea for three weeks and have managed over a thousand miles. We have finally found the trade winds and are making over one hundred miles each day.

We sit out in the cockpit and look around us. At night the sky is filled with stars and the water is jet black. During the day the sea is a stunning shade of blue. And it is vast! As far as you can see there is no sign of humans. At night we see the occasional satellite but that is the only visual sign of mankind. Unfortunately during the day we occasionally pass a plastic bottle floating along proclaiming that people exist and don’t care about their planet.

Every day a new sunrise and then a new sunset.

When we look next to the boat, there are various fish escorting us. The shape and color changes but we always have an entourage. Even here, so far from land, there are birds and one spent a few days using our pulpit as a base for fishing trips. Eventually it disappeared, maybe to hitch a lift back to South America with another boat.

You take a look around at the huge view of emptiness, sleep half the night and when you wake there is still just a tiny boat surrounded by nothing; and that day after day. We are only a third of the way to the Marqusas so can expect this to continue for another three weeks at least.

The Pacific is truly huge.

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