Ultra Stereo 98.9FM – Panama

We are anchored off Viveros Island in the Las Perlas archipeligo. We have been “lost” among these pacific islands for nearly two weeks now. Uninhabited islands, reefs and deep water passages between all the rock. Jumping fish, Rays swimming in formation under the boat and pelicans flying above us. Sunshine, breezes and a huge full moon at night. We have reached paradise.

Artemis at anchor amongst the islands

Two days ago the Swedish sailing yacht Bengt sailed in to the bay and yesterday we celebrated Heidi’s birthday at the beach club on the island followed by dinner on Artemis. Life is good.

Today we tuned the radio in to the Panamanian radio station Ultra Stereo 98.9FM to enjoy non-stop music from the 80s. Just after sunset they played ” a whole lotta Rosie” by AC/DC.

So there I was with the radio turned up full and singing
“Wanna tell you story 
About woman I know 
When it comes to lovin’ 
She steals the show…”

at the top of my voice to my bikini clad beauty.

birthday girl in video chat

I think, if 19 year old me could have seen 56 year old me he would have approved.

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