We stopped off at Port Elizabeth – Bequia for one night while heading south. We basically just checked in to the country, bought some new SIM cards and sailed on.

This time we have taken the time to get a better look at this beautiful island. We sailed upwind to reach the island and then did the necessary tacks to sail right in to Port Elizabeth and drop the anchor. The next day we did all our “jobs” and then on day two met Nicola and Davo for a days sailing. Davo is an experienced sailor which was nice as you could say “just keep her on the wind” and then disappear off to make lunch. It was Nicola’s first sail but we soon had her sailing a course as well. All four of us had a great day which we finished off with a fun meal in the evening at the beach bar.

Bequia Island

Nicola and Davo brought a few spare parts with them and two new snorkeling masks so can we now snorkel together. It is amazing just how much life is swimming around under our boat as we bob at anchor. And when you swim across to the rocks they are teeming with life. We have already ticked the stingrays off the list and are now searching for turtles.

Southern stingray

The following day we actually managed a day of “doing nothing”. We often plan such a day but it never happens – something always gets in the way. This time we actually managed to stay in bed until midday, eat brunch, snorkel, drink coffee, drink wine and eat. Amazing.

One way wind – looking north

Today we were fully refreshed so hiked up the highest hill we could find to a magnificent view point and then back. After three hours of walking we went for an hour of swimming and are now officially “tired out”.

Stingray picture by Matthew Hoelscher from Doral, FL, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

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