Sailing Europe

europeMapWhen we left Ayamonte in Spain, we also left Europe and set off in to the Atlantic. From Scotland to Ayamonte we have sailed about 2840 nautical miles (5255km). A complete map of our journey is at

This is the simplified version without the unscheduled turns to cross traffic separation schemes or the loops when a tack didn’t work as hoped. It has the advantage that it doesn’t have millions of data points.

2 thoughts on “Sailing Europe”

  1. Hello Neill, Cool !!! If you are already on the way to the Canaries, we can not meet in the Mediterranean next year. Pity! We are from 09. January to 13. March 2018 on LaPalma. Since then you also on the Canary or already on the way to the Capverden / Caribbean? Greetings Andi

    1. Hello Andi. Yes, our plans have changed. We are leaving the Med for “later” and heading further west. It is a shame we will miss you but the world is waiting. Have fun.

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