Cornish summer

We crossed the 80 miles from Wales to England with a following wind. The waves and wind were both behind us and we were sometimes surfing down the front of the waves at eight knots. Once we were across the shipping lane and out of sight of land there was just sea, sky and birds to be seen. We occasionally wondered where a passing plane was heading for but otherwise we were the only people on earth.

We reached the cornish port of Padstow at evening low tide so we gingerly navigated across the “Doom Bar” and up river following the buoyed channel and watching the depth gauge. The sea gates to the inner harbour were closed so we anchored in the river and slept. About Midday the next day it was high tide and the harbourmaster instructed us to proceed into the harbour and tie up on the north wall. We were right in the middle of town and surrounded by hundreds of tourists eating pasties and ice cream. I am still amazed that for twenty pounds you can spend the night in the middle of a town across from the most expensive hotel. A night on the town was followed by a morning of oiling teak and scrubbing decks



Despite the almost complete lack of wind, we managed to sail part of the way to St. Ives where we anchored off the beach and enjoyed the ultimate sunset followed by fireworks on shore. During the trip, we also worked out how to set the whisker pole to pole out the Genoa. Here we were helped by great online tuition from Go’n’Sail via Whatsapp.

St. Ives

St. Ives

And this morning we have finally found summer. Bikini weather and visits from stand up paddlers. We have come a long way from Stornoway.

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