Ship radio license and EPIRB registration

After months spent trying to register Artemis, I approached the task of obtaining a radio license and registering the EPIRB with trepidation. I was already stressing about pages of forms and days of work. It turned out to be extremely easy and less than an hours work from beginning to end.

Radio license

Ship radio license and EPIRB registration
Radio license and EPIRB registration

I began by registering as a new user at the ofcom website ( licensingcomlogin ) and then went through the online registration process. I had all the requested information so it was just a case of fill out, press “next, fill out, and so on.

I gave the call sign which had previously been assigned and the web-page added my MMSI number.

At the stage where they ask for equipment I added:

  • VHF DSC (built in Icom VHF radio),
  • VHF portable (“floating” handheld VHF),
  • Radar (Raymarine),
  • Ship radar target enhancer (SeaMe) and

I was not asked for specific details of any of the equipment except in the case of the EPIRB.

Immediately I was finished I received a PDF file of the license to print and keep on-board. The entire process was free. Ofcom – I’m impressed!

EPIRB registration

This was also an online process which started at Once again it is easy as long as you have all the information that they are asking for (which is mainly the same information that was asked for by Ofcom).

I just had to check with my brother and sister if they were OK being emergency contacts and then I could press “OK”.

I received an answer saying that they have received my data but because they (the Coastguard) are so busy, it may take ten weeks to deal with my request. The EPIRB still works now though.

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