Thirty Years Ago. The start of the Adventure.

Thirty years ago I was a young member of the British Army out sailing in the Mediterranean. I was actually meant to be in Germany protecting the free world from the Soviet menace but that was a very boring way to spend a summer so instead I was off sailing.

One night we were sailing west towards the setting moon and I was alone at the starlit helm enjoying riding over the seas that approached as looming black hills. The weather was perfect, the temperature just right, the boat perfectly trimmed and I decided that I was just going to remain at the helm and keep sailing west for ever.

Sunset at sea in Croatia
Sunset at sea

And then life happened.

But I never lost that dream. I put it to one side and invented new dreams to fill the time. I moved to a ski village (about as far away from the sea as you can get), built a house, cycled across Europe, drove a Landrover through the Sahara, skied the deep snow and did all kinds of fun stuff in a variety of jobs. But I always knew that the real adventure was still out there, waiting for me.

And now, thirty years later I have found the perfect partner to share the adventure, handed in my notice, sold up and bought a boat. The plan is taking shape and there is no longer any excuse to wait any longer. This year the adventure can finally begin.

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