SMART people learn from EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, AVERAGE people from their EXPERIENCES, STUPID people already have all THE ANSWERS.

I am now well over fifty and have been working for forty years. Most of that time has been spent managing technicians, projects and companies. I have made my mistakes and learned from them. I have mostly been successful and have reflected why that was so. I have set up organisations and infrastructures from new and I have successfully turned around dysfunctional systems. Some consider me to be old but many call what I have experience. Parallel to my career I also studied systems management at the Open University and have been involved in various academic projects.

consulting work in Croatia
Consulting work while in Croatia

I thoroughly enjoy passing my knowledge on to others and watching them avoid the mistakes that I made or achieve success beyond my own. It is very gratifying to help others to achieve success in their endeavors. That is the reason I offer consulting services.

Unlike many consultants who like to “serve up a solution for the actual problem”, I prefer to help people to find the answers and understand the methodology involved in doing so. Hopefully the next time they will need, at the most, only my confirmation of their solutions.

wading in the rupununi
Heading to a village in the Rupununi

Using collaborative tools such as Google Drive and Skype, consultations can easily and effectively take place via the Internet. I am however just as willing to visit your premises, offices or village – even if it means wading through flooded jungle.

If you would like to discuss ways in which I can assist you then I look forward to hearing from you via

Neill Hogarth

An Alpine communication mast that supplies a mountain villgae.
An Alpine communication mast that supplies a German mountain village with Internet.
An introduction to how I can help you.