Moorea Reloaded

Imagine a volcanic Pacific island with beautiful clear anchorages protected by a fringing coral reef to keep the swell at bay. Imagine returning from every walk or bike ride with a rucksack full of freshly picked fruit. Imagine friendly locals who wave as they paddle their outrigger canoes past your boat. And then imagine fast, cheap Internet directly to your boat via the mobile network. If you can imagine all that then you are dreaming of Moorea.

We had a backlog of “online projects” and no desire to stay longer in the metropolis of Tahiti so we sailed across to, the equally well connected, Moorea and ended up spending five weeks in the various stunning anchorages. This is the way “home office” should be. Online project, swimming, some more computing, snorkeling, sail a bay further, a bit more work and then sundown drinks on the beach with new friends from Australia, Poland or Germany.

A friend of Heidis was getting married and the best man and bridesmaid asked for a video from people because Covid made a “real wedding” impossible. We had the location, we had the leading lady and we had time so we spent a few days “shooting” and then taught ourselves video editing to create a video. We had such fun that we then made the following video.

We need to plan our new apartment but it is far away and still a building site so it was time for Neill to learn about 3D modelling and rendering. It took three days just to get the concrete base the correct size and just as long to create a glass shower. The sink was a major project and the table only exists because Neill’s brother sent over a 3D model. But it is great to be learning something new and fun to see the results.

Looking from the eating area in to the kitchen.

The apartment needs a nice picture on the wall as you enter so Heidi decided to learn to use a graphics program and then create the picture. We would also like a cook book where we tell our guests about our favorite recipes so she needed to learn even more and design a book. It was funny to hear us both frustrated when some aspect of the software didn’t work as we expected, but we are getting there.

Still learning new tricks every day.

Most mornings we are still kick starting our brains with a French lesson using the Babbel App. It is getting more and more difficult as the software now claims we are “advanced” but at least the locals now understand us and we – sort of – understand them.

But it wasn’t all “work”. We also managed sailing, walking, cycling and online board games with friends in Allgäu.

ruined temples, sailing, jungle exploration and online board games

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